SpinIn 2017

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th March at the Bothwell District High School

...but stay a while on Kickback Sunday and wind down. Spin your friendships, share your stories, sip a cuppa, pack down at leisure. Coffee and food sales will be available.

It is a fun filled, two day event of fibre, fleece, fabric and more


Fashion Parade







Sheep Dog Trials

Fleece Display Boxes

Program Indication Here - not set in concrete :)

Day Entry: Adult $8.00 per person

Children under 15 years free


*******Take the bus to SpinIN..******** 


Bookings at www.trybooking.com or phone Heather on 6272 2645 Monday - Friday between 9am - 4pm.

 Essential Equipment for Each Registrant - Please bring a THIMBLE and a sense of FUN 

If you want to have fun, meet new people, and challenge your own skills, this is the competition for you! Friday morning at 1145am.

In a team of four you will prepare raw fibre, spin a yarn, and knit an article in a specified time frame. The article is a secret right up until the bell sounds to begin. Knitters will interpret the pattern while the spinners begin creating the yarn. The winning team of 4 are named on a perpetual trophy donated by the HWSD Guild of Tasmania, and each team member receives a small engraved plaque. Can you meet the Bothwell Highland Challenge?

bothwelltrophy.jpgEntry Form

The Longest Thread contest takes place before the Spin-in. This is a truly International contest with spinners from all over the world participating. The contest was created to enhance the quality of fine spinning around the world. It’s theme is to ‘link spinners throughout the world in friendship and greater understanding’.

The contest requires participants to spin the longest continuous two ply thread they can weighing just ten grams using raw sheep's wool or alpaca! There are categories for different spinning methods.

It takes considerable time to check the weights of each entry and to measure the lengths of the threads with accuracy. As a consequence entries need to be in well ahead of the Spin-in and judging completed to allow the announcement of the winners at the official opening of the Spin-in.

Here are the relevant forms. RulesInformation -  Entry Alpaca Fibre -  Entry Sheep Fibre Entry date was 31st October 2016.


Wool Class A; Wool on Spinning wheel, Sponsor Ashford, Prize $400 Ashford Product

Wool Class B; Wool Thread of Friendship, not measured, added to Friendship Ball

Wool Class C10; Junior Spinners <10yrs, Sponsor The Wool Shop, Prize $50

Wool Class C16; Junior Spinners >10yrs and up to 16yrs, Sponsor The Wool Shop, Prize $50

Wool Class D; Wool on Spindle, Sponsor R Ward & M Woolley, Prize Janet Ward Memorial Trophy

Wool Class E; Wool on eSpinner, Sponsor HansenCrafts LLC, Prize $200

Alpaca Class A; Alpaca on Spinning wheel, Sponsor AAA, Prize $50

Alpaca Class B; Thread of Friendship, not measured, added to Friendship Ball

Alpaca Class D; Alpaca on Spindle, Sponsor AAA, Prize $50

Alpaca Class E; Alpaca on eSpinner, Sponsor AAA, Prize $50

The Friendship Ball is an attempt to collect enough threads in a FRIENDSHIP BALL so that it reaches around the world and for this purpose we ask you to send your thread to be added to our FRIENDSHIP BALL. It has been added to at each and every SpinIN and will be displayed at the event. Add your thread in person, send it in by mail, allow your longest thread to be added - anyway you can, add a piece to our friendship ball so that one day it may circle our world.


Mary Simon Perpetual Trophy honours Mary, who loved colour and was a member of the South Hobart Group. 

This year it is A Bag With A Purpose

Entry Form

Val Payne was a specialist breeder of Moorit coloured sheep. She started breeding these wonderful animals back in the 70's with spinning characteristics of the fleece in mind, and the flock continued until 2013. Although the flock has now been dispersed other people passionate about these special sheep have taken on the task to continue her legacy.


Moorit sheep are genetically a double recessive gene that produces a true brown fleece. These sheep have brown skin and are brown nose to toes; they are not black sheep with a brown tinge. Their colour ranges from a light fawn through to a chocolate brown (not a very dark brown).

Entry Form.


Competition Classes. Sponsor and Prize added as they become available.


Class 1: Lace Weight Knitting Hand Spun - any article of your choice. Sponsor: The Alpaca Shoppe, Deloraine. Prize $50

Class 2: Lace Weight Knitting Mill Spun - any article of your choice. Sponsor: The Alpaca Shoppe, Deloraine. Prize $50


Class 3: Hand Spun Skein Art yarn - approx 100gms. Sponsor: HansenCrafts LLC, Prize $50

Class 4: Hand Spun Skein Lace Weight from fleece 18wpi or more - approx 50gms. Sponsor: HansenCrafts LLC, Prize $50

Class 5: Hand Spun Skein Medium Weight from fleece 11 - 17 dpi, 8 ply / DK - approx 50gms. Sponsor: HansenCrafts LLC, Prize $50


Class 6: Hand Spun Skein from hand dyed commercial top - approx 50gms. Sponsor: HansenCrafts LLC, Prize $50

Class 7: Hand Spun Skein from Natural dye or dyes - please state dye/s - approx 50gms. Sponsor: Victorian Feltmakers, Prize $50


Class 8: Weaving Rigid Heddle / Knitters Loom - woven article of your choice. Sponsor: Northern Branch of the HWSD Guild Tasmania, Prize $75

Class 9: Weaving on a Shaft Loom - woven article of your choice. Sponsor: Northern Branch of the HWSD Guild Tasmania, Prize $75


Class 10: Felted article with a Highland theme - Adult entry. Sponsor: Victorian Feltmakers, Prize $50

Class 11: Felted article with a Highland theme - Child entry. Sponsor: Barbara Fowler, Prize $60

Entry Form - please note, if you are entering more than 4 items you will need to print multiple forms.


There will be 10 separate workshops on Friday and 10 again on Saturday. Five in the morning, five in the afternoon. Most workshops conducted in the morning will be repeated in the afternoon. Sign-up & payment for these will happen as you arrive at the event. Participants will receive a kit (cost applies) and produce an item at the end of the session. All 1 hour, except for one which will go for 2 hours. Skills presented include Wet felting, Needle felting, Book binding, Indigo Dyeing.


Saori weaving, Weaving, Rug making, Sculptural knitting, Angora rabbits, Fleece selection, Redding Method of Rainbow dyeing.

See the links below for a taste of what's to come.

* Learn the Art of Felting with Elaine Beechey - see the flyer

* Learn the Techniques of Indigo Dyeing with Niki Whitfield-Hart - see the flyer see the website

* Learn the Art of Sculptural Textile with Adrienne Sloane. - see the website

* Enjoy the Redding Method of Rainbow Dyeing long wool locks, with Jen Eddington - see the website

* Felting - a male perspective. Tony Cooper of the Victorian Feltmakers Inc., will run Funfelt workshops as time permits during the event. 

Fun Activities:

Spinning the Quickest Longest Thread, on Saturday at 11am.

Simply sitting around spinning and yarning with your fellow enthusiasts.

Show and Tell

Will be staged at 4pm Friday 3rd March. Share with us your favourite creation, the story of its construction, materials and techniques. Provide a brief for the Compere and have your moment to elaborate and to inspire us all. 

Print the Show and Tell Brief

The Fashion Parade PLEASE NOTE: error on entry form, entry date is 13 Feb

This will be at 2pm on Saturday and have 2 components.

Aspects of our Fashion parade include "Fashion for the Highlands" entries and the "Showcase of Tasmanian Design" to be staged Saturday March 4th at 2pm. See brochure and entry forms for each.

1. "Fashion for the Highlands." 

See / Print the Entry Form and the Information brochure PLEASE NOTE: error on entry form, entry date is 13 Feb, NOT 3rd Feb.

2. "Showcase of Tasmanian Designs". 

See / print the Entry Form and the Information Brochure. PLEASE NOTE: error on entry form, entry date is 13 Feb, NOT 3rd Feb.


Local, National and International Guests are a strong part of our event.

Local Guest ~ Elaine Beechey

Our SpinIN goal this year is to feature the diversity of felting. Elaine is a very talented addition to our guest list and has not presented at SpinIN before. She has exhibited at Salamanca Gallery and conducted workshops in Hobart. Her special love is birdlife and her Facebook photo gallery clearly demonstrates her passion for delicate feathered creatures. She encapsulates the characteristics and temperament of each crafted felt bird.

In Elaine's own words...

I work from my home studio where cats, chickens, birds, family and cups of tea are constant companions. I believe we all need to stay connected to nature, it is vitally important for our health and wellbeing. It is this belief that inspires me to create my works in felt.

I love working with wool because I can sculpt it into any form I want with a felting needle or with water and soap; it’s a wonderful medium to work with because it is tactile, strong and resilient.

The birds around my home provide me with constant joy and companionship and to create birds in felt has been an extremely satisfying pursuit for me.

My work has been experimental and constantly developing. I have a strong commitment to recycle and reuse, therefore I gain great satisfaction in being able to dye wool with onion skins and plant materials from my garden. I get pleasure from recycling woolen clothing and combining this very versatile fabric with felt fabric either made by needle felting or wet felting.

I like the idea of combining different mediums and techniques, such as adding basket work to a felt bowl, embellishing a felt bowl with driftwood or pebbles or decorating an object with wool, cotton or linen thread. I find that the ideas of making and using wool and felt are endless and exciting.

My Facebook page is Elaine Beechey Textile Artist.

National Guest ~ Niki Whitfield-Hart

From Victoria, Niki is a self-professed adventurer in Fibre Arts. She describes herself as an Artist, Educational Facilitator and Business Owner. Her webpage tells it well. Niki will be demonstrating Indigo Dyeing Techniques.

International Guest ~ Adrienne Sloane

Adrienne is a Wool and Sculptural Artist from the USA with an amazing array of talents. See her creations on her website gallery, enjoy her YouTube video titled Talks from the Yarniverse, and check out her blog.

Guest Judges

We have a panel of 3 who will judge the Fashion Aspects of SpinIN2017. They are...

Rudolf Ramseyer, of Rudolf couture in Launceston

Rita Summers, of gone rustic studio in St Mary's

Jan Dineen MFAD, former lecturer at UTAS.

Their websites can be followed from our Sponsors Page.

This spot is reserved for our photos of the 2017 event. Will you be there, will your show and tell, your fashion parade, your competition item feature? We hope so.