2015 SpinIn

The dates for the 2015 SpinIn were:
Friday 27th February, Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March

If you want to have fun, meet new people, and challenge your own skills this is the competition for you!

In a team of four you will prepare raw fibre, spin, and knit the Bothwell Bobble (new pattern) in a specified time frame. Can you meet the Bothwell Highland Challenge?

The Highland Challenge details are now on the forms page  or HERE. Hope to see you there.

Competition List

*The Mary Simon perpetual trophy form is now on the forms page

      1.  Lace weight Knitting – 2 classes in this lace weight competition

          A.  A handspun lace weight knitted article of your choice

          B.  A mill spun lace weight knitted article of your choice

There will be a $50 prize for each class, sponsored by the Lucky Ewe of Oatlands



      2.  Weaving competition – 2 classes in this competition

          A.  Rigid heddle / knitters loom loom woven article of your choice

          B.  Article woven on a 4 (or more) shaft loom

This competition will be sponsored by the Northern Branch Weaving Group of HWS&D Guild, Tasmania

There will be a $50 prize in each class.


       3.  Needle Felting competition – Children’s competition only

           A.  A felted picture with a farm yard theme

Sponsored by The Wool Shop, Moonah - $50



       4.  Knitting competition – a knitted jacket any weight and any size

           A.  Must be an original design and can be made with natural fibre handspun or commercial spun.

Sponsored by The Wool Shop, Moonah - $50


       5.  Spun skein

A.  Art Yarn skein  - approximately 100 grams

B.  Lace weight skein from fleece (18wpi or more) – approximately 50 grams

C.  Medium weight skein from fleece (8ply/DK/11-17wpi) – approximately 50 grams

D.  Skein from hand dyed commercial top – approximately 50 grams

E.  Skein from natural dye or dyes (state dye/s) – approximately 50 grams

Items A, B, C and D are sponsored by Hansen Crafts - $50 for each section


Item E is sponsored by the Handweavers, Spinners, and Dyers Guild of Tasmania - $50




Please complete the entry form and send or deliver with your competition items to:


The Wool Shop, 58 Main Road, Moonah


Or posted to PO Box 394, Moonah   Tas.   7009


By Wednesday 11th  20th February, 2015 ***NEW DATE***


Don’t forget to include a sample of fibres used and a description of the technique used with your competition item.


Items can be collected on Sunday 1st March at the end of the SpinIn or from 58 Main Road, Moonah after Tuesday 3rd of March.  If not collecting your item a prepaid post bag MUST be supplied to enable us to return your Item.  If no prepaid post bag is supplied your item will be held at The Wool Shop, 58 Main Road, Moonah until you collect it.


If you would like your item to be put for sale please mark this on the competition entry form.  20% of all items sold will be held by the committee.

The Bothwell SpinIn is attempting to collect enough threads in a FRIENDSHIP BALL so that it reaches around the world and for this purpose we ask you to send your thread to be added to our FRIENDSHIP BALL.

Please help to make this project a success and let us share our Cultures for Friendship, Love and Peace. This idea is only a small contribution towards PEACE but it is better than guns.

At the equator the world spans 40 074 km, which means that we will need 40 074 people to send one metre of thread to acheive our aim. We are aiming to span the Roaring Forties which passes through Tasmania


Collect from all your FRIENDS, especially children, a thread of any sort eg. Silk, cotton, wool, string or any fibre at least a metre in length and wind these threads on a MESSAGE STICK. The stick can be made of any material. Write your message for PEACE on the stick and tie the threads you collect together and wind them on your message stick. We will display these sticks with our FRIENDSHIP BALL.

List the name and place of each participant and length of their piece of thread on the application form. Please be aware that all threads coming into Australia must be clean and free of dirt and seeds. Send threads and sticks together with names to:

Bothwell SpinIn Committee

PO Box 394, Moonah, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA 7009

ENQUIRIES bothwellspinin@gmail.com

The ball is a circle, no begining, no end.

It keeps us together as a circle of friends.

The treasure inside you cannot see.

Is the treasure of FRIENDSHIP you granted to me.

Congratulations to our winners of the wool and alpaca longest threads!

To see full results please look here

It was fantastic to see so many entries and the absolutely beautiful threads produced. Everyone's efforts were marvellous and we hope to see even more entries next time. Start planning now. It was great seeing the different sheep and alpaca breeds too, so don't feel that you have to only do a fine wool longest thread.


The Longest Thread contest takes place before the Spin-in. This is a truly International contest with spinners from all over the world participating. The contest was created to enhance the quality of fine spinning around the world. It’s theme is to ‘link spinners throughout the world in friendship and greater understanding’.

The contest requires participants to spin the longest continuous two ply thread they can, from just ten grams of raw sheep's wool or alpaca! In addition to the main contest there is also a competition for the longest thread using a hand held spindle.

It takes considerable time to check the weights of each entry and to measure the lengths of the threads with accuracy. As a consequence entries need to be in well ahead of the Spin-in and judging completed to allow the announcement of the winners at the official opening of the Spin-in.

If you are interested in taking part in this competition, you will find the forms here

Smile There are fantastic demonstrations throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be plenty to see and do for everyone.

Sheep Shearing with Jo Murray using and old fashioned shearing plant. Friday only.

Felted lamps by Stratie Stratford-Pearn

Heirloom Lace Knitting Display by Dolores O'Neill. See exquisite lacework knitted by Dolores. 

Zentangle with Jane Monk. Also Jane will show her fabulous quilting. Friday and Saturday only.

Fibre Arts - Rian Klinger, Winner of the 2014 West Coast Wilderness Fibre Arts Youth Mentorship

Gotland Sheep with Cheryl Crosby. Early Friday and Saturday afternoon.

Basic wool Preparation and Spinning with Maureen Hudson.

See how to prepare wool from the raw fleece and spin into lovely yarn.

Cane chair making by Rose Hurst

Silkworm (live & static) display- Jen Eddington

Have you ever seen silkworms? Come and visit Jens' silkworm display.

Dolls Hospital - Kitty Kruup


Native animal fibre art display - Tastex

"Art On Legs" exhibition of wearable art

Stitch Programme - sewing group of migrant ladies telling their stories through their craft.

Natural dyeing static display - by Tasmanian and Victorian contributors

Takhli Spinning with Don Waller

Don will be demonstrating how to spin cotton on a Tahkli support spindle. Variable times throughout Friday and Sunday.

Memory Lane - Display prepared by Irene Hall

Tartan - Alan Shaw and others will display tartan and their meanings


Exciting  workshops have been lined up for you at the SpinIn. Hurry and book yourselves in so you won't be disappointed as some have limited spots available.

Plying with the Drop Spindle with Dean Rivett

This workshop will cover 'ply on the fly' and Andean plying. The workshop will be held on Saturday.

Working with Iron on Interfacing with Michael Kay

Working with iron on interfacing can be very interesting. Yarns can be trapped in between layers and then cut into shapes for collage. It enables you to make beautiful cards really quickly. Combined with transfer dyes it can give very interesting effects. Participants only require an iron and scissors (irons can be shared between 2 people), other materials will be provided. Max 10 participants. Time: Saturday 10-12.

Repp Weave Tapestry Technique with Michael Kay

This session is more informative than hands on but may have an opportunity to try the technique with a couple of looms warped up ready to go. Time: Saturday 1-2pm

Felting with Sonia Hindrum

Always wanted to try felting? Have fun and meet new people with this workshop. In this workshop you will cover a number of felting techniques resulting in 'Take Home Flowers" Kits supplied at a cost of $15. Maximum of 10 people. Time: Sunday 1st March 10am start.

Judy's Magic Cast On with Shirley Tong

Learn 'Judy's magic cast on' and make an owl or perhaps a hexipuff. It's a great cast on technique that can save you time and sewing threads. It also leaves you with a beautiful seamless edge. Time: Friday afternoon only.




Florence Jaukae Kamel

Florence is a Bilum Fibre Artist from Papua New Guinea. She has had her designs featured, along with other women designers, at the United Nations New York headquarters.

Her designs were  recentlyshowcased at the Women Empowering Women luncheon. what a wonderful accomplishment.

We are very fortunate to have such a talented designer at our fibre festival.





Michelle Snowdon

An Australian fibre artist who creates innovative and unique handspun artisan yarn and freeform accessories.

Michelle is recognized among international fibre art circles for her unerring inquiry into the art of spinning yarn and innovating neck-wear designs right on the spinning wheel.

Her finely tuned technique produces yarn with a vibrant modern twist, bringing a fresh design to her handspun yarns and contemporary wearable accessories.





Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the sheep before losing 23.5 kgs of fleece. pic suppliedPhoto: Netty Hazell

Come and see Shaun and his amazing long fleece. Netty and John Hazell found Shaun wandering at the back of their property near Oatlands last August. He has since been shorn and now he and his fleece are touring the state. His fleece weighs an amazing 23.5kg. Imagine carrying that around with you - phew!

Selkin Parapet

Selkin is a fibre artist that has a little store called Elf on the Shelf.  Interestingly, she is bringing her own branch - want to see what she creates look out for her while your there. Come and see what she magical creations she will be producing at the SpinIn.





Want to make something but don't want to enter a competition? How about creating an alpaca or a sheep - see below for both activities and have some fun-  If you haven't had time to mail the alpaca or sheep please bring them along to the SpinIn so we can add them to the herd/flock.

Alice Alpaca

To celebrate Alpaca fibre and the first Alpaca Longest Thread Competition, we are organising a knitted herd of alpacas for display at the Bothwell Spin In.

Alice Alpaca was designed by the talented Megan Bonnici for the Australian Creative Knitting magazine. We are ecstatic that they've kindly given us permission to use this pattern to create our herd of alpacas.

Can you help us?

We want the whole herd knitted in as many of the natural alpaca colours as we can get - anything from black to white and all the variations in between – spotted, painted, solid coloured, fluffy or smooth. Just as well there are two different breeds to add to the mix. Suri have long lustrous twisted locks, and Huacaya are crimpy, fluffier and more like wool. The variations are endless so it's over to you – Get Creative!

What you do is simple – spin up or purchase some natural coloured alpaca yarn and knit the pattern we send you. The size of the alpaca is not important but as a guide a 10ply yarn (Aran weight) will create a 25cm alpaca. Team up with a friend if you like – one spinning the other knitting – all welcome.

To get the PDF send us a quick email and it will arrive in your inbox very soon.

The fine details:

Use a smaller needle size than normal to create a firm fabric. Please stuff the alpaca firmly with CLEAN fill. Attach a piece of paper with your name and suburb using a safety pin to the underside. We would love to know where all the alpacas come from.

Send the completed alpaca to  'Bothwell Alpaca' P.O. Box 286, Richmond, Tasmania, 7025, or it can be given to a Bothwell Spin In committee member near you.

Your alpaca will be added to the ever growing herd and used every Bothwell Spin In as a display.

The main aim is to have fun and be part of it.

The Tasmanian Flock of Sheep

Inspired by the British Flock compiled by Claire Crompton, at the 2015 Spin In we will be turning out to pasture the `Tasmanian Flock’. It is hoped that we will be able to have knitted, crocheted or felted sheep made from all the breeds of sheep that we currently have in Australia.  This means we will need to call on our mainland breeders, spinners, and knitters to export to Tasmania some of the breeds or at least some of their wool.

The plan is to release the flock into a paddock at the Spin In and display a small skein and unspun lock together with some information and history of the breed.

We would welcome some other farm fibre bearing animals to join the farm including goats, alpacas, lamas, rabbits and of course a sheep dog or two would be great.

The PATTERN is very adaptable by changing the ply and needles sizes so is a guide only. Sheep of course vary in size and shape so as a guide the finished sheep should be no larger than 12cm from head to tail but feel free to be creative.

Only wool sourced from known breeds should be used. It may be commercially spun if the breed it originated from is known.

Spinners and knitters who would like to take part and would like to have some raw fleece from a breed please email us on tjeddington57@gmail.com to arrange for some fleece to be sent.

Have fun!



Fashion Parade

It has been customary to hold a fashion parade on Friday afternoon at the SpinIn. Please bring along items of clothing or accessories that you have made and would like to have shown in the fashion parade. There is an entry form listed under forms. Entry is free.

There is a host commentator for this session.

Show & Tell

A show and Tell session is traditionally held on the Saturday of the SpinIn. If you have items that you have made and would like to show our visitors you are welcome to take part in this session on the Saturday. There is no entry form for this session, and you will need to speak about your own work.