2014 SpinOut

The Bothwell International Highland SpinIn committee held their SpinOut day on March 2nd at the Bothwell School hall.  It was a wonderful friendship day shared by approximately 70 people.



A lot of fun was had by all, with ideas and inspiration being shared by many.


The longest thread competition was a great hit with 10 entries.  With 15 minutes to spin and ply 10 grams of fibre and then have it measured against a tape on the floor.  There was a lot of excitement to see who the winner was and there was a clear winner with Sara Nye spinning an amazing 15.6 metres.  The prize was a bag of the blessed fleece (held over from SpinIn 2013) donated by Barbara Fowler and a lovely book on sheep donated by Di Kearney.


Our competitions, guess the number of cocoons in the jar and length of thread

in a ball of yarn were also popular with Sarah Nye winning the number of

cocoons and Blanch Bejah the length of thread.  Prizes for these two

competitions were a Nostepinne donated by Di Kearney.


It was lovely to see our stallholders with their colourful wares, Rowena from The Lucky Ewe www.theluckyewe.com.au and Cheryl Matthews from Fibres & Threads www.fibresyarnandthreads.com 

and Maree Davey from The Wool Shop www.woolsuppliers.com.au.


A thankyou also goes to Mrs Helen Terry for demonstrating how to make a necklace using spun wool and paper clips.  We also had a demonstration of human knitting by Sue Evans and arm knitting by Blanch Bejah.  These demonstrations were amazing to watch and enjoyed by many.




 Margaret Miller gave a demonstration of the old longest thread measuring machine which has now been put into retirement.



Jen Eddington announced the International and National guests for the SpinIn 2015, these details will be on the website shortly.  Here is a summary, our International guest is to be Florence Jaukae Kamel a Bilum Fibre Artist from PNG  and our National guest is Michelle Snowden an Australian fibre Artist who creates innovative and unique handspun artisan yarn and freeform accessories.